The Services

GPRS provides graduate programs with flexible, modern solutions to today’s marketing, recruitment and enrollment challenges. We tailor our approach to precisely fit new clients—you won’t find any “off the shelf” tools in our belt. Nor are we looking to fix what isn’t broken—we’re explicit about where we should help, and where we shouldn’t.

We’re laser-focused on generating enrollment outcomes. And we prove it in great detail through our proprietary campaign measurement and graduate industry benchmarking platform. And as a boutique firm who accepts only a select few new partnerships each year, every one of our clients benefits from a deeply integrated relationship and concierge-level service.



GPRS was uniquely devised to support a range of program needs and internal structures. If you were simply looking for a digital marketing firm, you’ve found quite a bit more. We provide professional services to improve the effectiveness of your internal marketing team’s campaigns and expand their capabilities. We can also step in to assist when you’re working with an agency that you like, but they’re just not hitting your enrollment numbers. Finally, upon request we offer full media management services as well. Partnering with GPRS ensures that your programs will consistently recruit from a robust pipeline of highly qualified candidates, regardless of who’s managing the campaigns.

With a team that has delivered results for over 120 graduate programs nationwide, GPRS has a breadth and depth of experience that no internal team or external agency has, period. We bring graduate-program-specific data, benchmarks and best practices to the table. Our proprietary GP Insights platform delivers measurement and ROI analysis capabilities plus aggregate data sets for industry benchmarking. It all adds up to a level of customization that we’re confident you won’t find anywhere else.

Media Management

Once we’ve vetted your target audiences, custom-tailored the creative to each persona you want to reach, and developed the testing schedules, it’s time to get the campaigns to market. At this stage, what separates true experts from the media management masses is how well they understand the graduate student market. At GPRS, we know what makes those prospective students tick—from their search habits to their media preferences. And we can prove it by pressure-testing our results against data sets from both peer and competitive institutions.

How do we do it? GPRS follows a formal Digital Blueprint that we’ve developed and honed while working extensively with graduate programs. This blueprint outlines how we plan, launch and optimize graduate campaigns while ensuring that our entire team is following the same, successful formula that reproduces our client results time and again. Though digital channels and products within those channels will vary slightly from program to program and school to school, we’ve identified the ones that deliver results every time. These are the blueprints that form the backbone of our campaigns, to which we layer on and test new opportunities as well as regional options for digital publications.


Customer experience (CX) is where programs and schools win or lose. So why depend solely on a traditional recruitment model to meet the 24/7 demands of today’s consumer culture? If your goal is to connect with prospective graduate students on their terms and timeframe, you need 24/7 scale. And GPRS has it.

The GPRS contact center provides both inbound and outbound coverage for your program inquiries, as well as timely email follow-up communications. It boasts state-of-the-art technology that enables real-time call monitoring, as well as recording capabilities to ensure that our team is consistently an extension of yours. Of course, we can enter every communication directly into your existing CRM platform for seamless handoffs to internal staff at the perfect time.


For schools looking to launch a new online program, expand one, or possibly transition away from a “traditional” online program manager, GPRS offers a refreshing and custom-tailored alternative. Our powerful lead generation services can help increase market awareness of your program while building a steady supply of qualified candidates. We also provide a flexible recruitment model that can be either a full-service solution or a framework that enables you to build upon your internal capacity.

No institution should be signing away the lion’s share of revenue from an online degree program to an OPM. Nor should it be bound to contracts that can last decades long. GPRS believes that colleges and universities should focus on their strengths in program development, program delivery, student experience and student retention. We’re here as a seasoned and specialized provider of marketing and turnkey sales functions—your marketing and recruitment partner.

GP InsightsTM

What if you could track every program inquiry back to not only a specific marketing campaign, but also to a particular image, or message, or ad size? Imagine how powerfully that information would optimize your campaigns. And what if you could match your enrollment data back to highly detailed, lead-source data to not only calculate ROI, but also build projections to scale up your programs? ROI wouldn’t be just another acronym, it would actually be attainable.

Now let’s go a step further. What if you had a window into national graduate-program marketing trends—benchmark data that previously didn’t exist? What could you do with aggregated historical and real-time data showing how your peers and competition are trending on leads, cost-per-click, seasonality, geographic interaction and more? With a subscription to the GP Insights platform, predictive analytics is no longer the future, it’s available today.